Surveil AID is an advanced computer vision-based incident/ violation/ pattern detection system with Edge and Server-side processing capabilities. Our vision-based responsible surveillance can ensure effective unmanned security surveillance, traffic monitoring, law enforcement, etc.

In Surveil AID we deliver

  • FOV Analysis and Understanding
  • Traffic Violation Identification
  • Violation incidents and pattern identification
  • Face Recognition and Identification
  • Gait profile based identification
In the Numbers

Responsible Surveillance in Action

Team Members

Traffic and Law Enforcement detections

  • Helmetless driving
  • Driving without seat belt
  • Use of Mobile Phones while driving
  • Wrong Entry
  • Illegal Parking
  • Triple riding on two-wheelers
  • Number Plate Recognition
  • Illegal and non-standard number plates
  • Vehicle crowding, traffic blocks on the roads
  • Vehicle classification and counting
  • People crowding on roads
  • Number Plate Classification and recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Gait Recognition

Security Surveillance

  • Dumping incident detection’s
  • Perimeter Security
  • Border Security
  • Home Security
To enable Responsible Surveillance