Cleantech is a promise for future development with the least environmental impact. We are the forerunner to build and establish effective tracking and management mechanism to quantify day-to-day waste creation in our daily life to plan proper waste processing systems for a sustainable clean and green environment.

Generation of Biodegradable wastes and non-biodegradable wastes on daily basis is inevitable in resident space, commercial places, and public places. In today’s fast-forward world, it is important to establish an effective tracking and management mechanism to understand the segregated quantitative and qualitative information. Proper classified data can contribute a lot to building sustainable waste management strategies.


In Trois, when we talk about Cleantech, it means an informed decision-making platform to build and maintain an effective waste management road map for Individuals, corporates, Government institutions, etc. To plan your institutional waste management monitoring strategies and implement a suitable solution, please contact at [email protected]

Segregate the waste in your city and design future with insightful decision making